As potential first-time mom-to-be, a lot of people diligently take folic acid for months prior to getting pregnant. Some download fertility apps and some read books and blogs on what to expect when expecting. You begin to dream up baby names and start noticing ladies with bumps everywhere we go. Rarely do people consider exercise and fitness as part of the preparation in these exciting days of planning a family.

However, there is growing evidence that shown practising a moderate level of fitness can help fertility, pregnancy and recovery from childbirth. Waiting to conceive can challenging and stressful. When you exercise, you are more likely to eat better and feel better. Your head is clearer and you are in a better position to manage the stress. In addition to fertility, your body needs energy, strength and stamina to carry your future baby. Pre-pregnancy is the best time to get fit and prepare your body for what lies ahead.

Below is a quick guide to the tips for staying active while you prepare yourself and your body for pregnancy.