Making Love For Love

How often have you avoided the topic of contraception because you were afraid to offend your partner? How often have you had to feign a headache to avoid sex when what you really wanted to say was that you are not in the mood?

Women over the centuries have been conditioned to risk their physical health for the purpose of sustaining interpersonal relationships that do not support the person or her wellbeing. It is part of a pattern of personal abuse women have willingly partaken in to ensure a strong foothold in their relationships, security for the home, self and children and a means to obtain financial status and power.

A Note to Women

When we enter relationships with an agenda and a need to medicate our fears of insecurity, we are setting up our energy systems for imbalance. Our pelvic organs are related to our second chakra. The second chakra’s health is related to our ability to feel capable or powerful enough to create stability and wealth for ourselves financially and emotionally, and our ability to express our creativity fully. Feeling good about our ability to support ourselves and to enjoy the relationships in our lives is key to health in the second chakra. Stress and limitation in these areas may affect a woman’s internal pelvic organs.

Women may be doing everything right exercising well, eating right, having healthy physiques, being free of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) – but still, they find themselves experiencing the inexplicable. In my practice, it is common to find healthy people suffering from irregular periods and fibroid growths. These become alarm bells for second-chakra introspection and balancing.

Making love should be about feeling good about yourself enough to participate in the act and not about satisfying emotional needs or medicating our fears of loneliness and abandonment.

Reclaiming one’s sexuality has everything to do with restoring our original virginity. Original virginity refers to the original meaning of the word virgin which had nothing to do with sex and everything to do with acknowledging one’s wholeness and completeness and the realisation that nobody belongs to anybody, women not to men and men not to women. This does not mean selfishness but it means self-love and the ability to enter a relationship whole, with no agenda and purely with unconditional love, the foundation of healthy relationships that help one to grow.

Once one dares to reclaim herself and enters a relationship for the sole purpose of love, sex becomes elevated to a manifestation of bliss, joy and ecstasy reaching spiritual levels; and health becomes natural.