As the body ages, the skin loses its elasticity and the effects of gravity seem to suddenly have a much stronger effect on the skin. Jowls, which are often manifested in the form of flesh hanging under the chins of fatter people, are facial features that come especially with old age. The muscles around the lips and jaw area would lose their strength and relax, forming jowl lines.

One of the biggest human wishes is to stop time and stay (or at least look) young always. There are only a few people that hold a receptively lukewarm approach towards their wrinkles, mostly because these wrinkles symbolise lost youth. While some may choose to ignore the signs of ageing and adopt a more accept-it- rather-than-deal-with-it attitude of ‘old is gold’ , there will be those who believe in going out to achieve the axioms of beauty that they desire.

Face lifting and tightening involves medical procedures to improve skin laxity on areas, especially the visible areas such as the face, neck, eyebags, abdomen and breasts, creating an overall tightened and ‘lifted’ effect on the skin. Modern methods are virtually painless and are fast solutions for skin tightening. This procedure has minimal down time and is performed by an aesthetic medical doctor using innovative 3D Matrix Sculpting procedure. This procedure irons out the sagginess of double chins and the cheek area and when combined with the Advance Matrix Liposuction, the procedure results in a more defined and sculpted area.

Liposuction is the most popular surgical procedure that helps to redefine the body by eliminating fat deposits situated between the skin and muscle. Fat deposits are broken up and sucked out of the body through the use of a suction pump. It helps break down and liquefy the fat so as to provide a smoother effect without the lumpiness and skin dimpling of traditional liposuction procedures.

Elastin is an elastic protein in connective tissue that allows tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching or contracting, while collagen is the main protein of connective tissue in animals and the most abundant protein in mammals, making up to about 25% of the total protein content. The Advance Matrix Liposuction also provides better post-procedure skin tightening of the treated area, hence resulting in greater elastin and collagen tightening. It has been mentioned that liposuction is not a healthy substitute to actually preventing the excessive gain of weight through exercise and diet.

While we may try to consistently care for our skin by applying moisturisers, avoiding oily food and having enough rest, the effects of ageing are often beyond our means of control. It is hence useful to have such skin restoration procedures available so that we have the option of preserving our looks despite the onset of ageing. There will be many needs from different people with regards to the problematic areas of the body.

This is important as many patients actually turn up for the procedure for the wrong reasons, as stated by Dr Kevin Chan from Flinders Practice. Concerns Of these patients must be addressed beforehand so as to ensure that they do not have unrealistic expectations of the outcome, which can be affected by the patients’ biopsychosocial states. As technology advances, we can have more efficient and permanent procedures such as these to help with the problems of saggy skin and growing flab. However, this does not mean that exercise and taking good care of your skin and body should be compromised. But for those who need an initiative to get started on the route back to youthful confidence, there’s no better way than this!